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New Science Center

Cheyney University

A new 40,000 square foot undergraduate science center. This $23 million project received LEED Silver certification and includes chemistry, biology, and physics labs; general lecture halls; computer science labs; faculty spaces; a planetarium; as well as an external greenhouse. Originally conceived as a renovation of the existing 1970 Science Building, the project was redefined as a new building following a feasibility study and campus planning report prepared by CKd.

The first new building on the Cheyney campus in 35 years, this science center demonstrates Cheyney’s commitment to promoting the representation of women and minorities in the fields of science, technology, and mathematics. The building is a beacon, located in the academic core of campus, and visible from the ring road. The light-filled, glass head house provides a dynamic and inviting visual connection to the student activity within. Sustainability features include the creative use of natural light to illuminate spaces and capture heat, light-sensored lighting that adjusts based on levels of natural light entering the space, a demonstration green roof, rainwater/gray water recycling, a rain garden, highly efficient mechanical systems, and the use of recycled and locally-sourced materials.

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