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Amos Hall

Lincoln University

Amos Hall at Lincoln University, located in Chester County, is a PA Department of General Services project, slated to be completed in 2021. The expanded and renovated building will be the new home for the Department of Visual Arts. The project carefully restores the exterior of the historic Amos Hall, allowing it to be the centerpiece, celebrating the rich and storied history of the university. The new and old buildings are connected by a glass box, bringing light and a view into the building. The expanded Amos Hall will include a gallery to exhibit Lincoln’s large collection of African artifacts, and studio spaces for printmaking, photography, painting, drawing, digital art, and a fabrication lab. Additionally the main IT Hub for the campus is located in the basement.

The new main entrance faces the campus green and the more modern campus and utilizes a colorful facade that references African textiles. The east side of the building, sitting behind the historic structure is meant to be a backdrop to Amos Hall and the campus’s historic quad.

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